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 Granny Green 
Welcome to Granny's pages!  

I am Granny.  When I'm not at home, you'll find me all around town promoting a simpler way of living. I save time and money by  shopping locally, using simple, old-fashioned  housekeeping methods, and more.  

I  teach classes on basic frugality at our local Community College.  I  also visit schools and local groups who invite me to speak. I'd love to come visit you!

Sit down and join me for a while.  I'm sure you'll find something interesting here.  I have pages and pages of ideas for saving money at home, some great recipes,  and other ways to keep life simple.
Granny has many ideas for your home and family. 
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To keep fresh parsley from spoiling, wash, pat dry, and freeze in plastic freezer bags.  When needed, chop the amount required while it's still frozen.
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